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Commercial Agents: Michelle & Rob

We help buyers Find and BUY commercial property for sale in Southern California! For immediate assistant Call (323) 285-2541

Commercial Property for Sale that We Can Buy for You

 Office Building: medical building for sale, law office for sale, accounting offices for sale
 Retail Building: nail salon for sale, restaurant for sale, café for sale
 Flex space: Creative space, shared space, production space
 Industrial Building / warehouse: manufacturing facilities, distribution centers
 Triple Net sales: national chains, restaurants, retail stores, franchise locations
 Hotel and Motel: motel for sale, hotel motel for sale, motel for sale in Los Angeles and San Diego
 Garage: car garage for sale, metal building for sale, Auto repair shop for sale
 Land: undeveloped land for sale, land for sale in los Angeles and San Diego, vacant lots
 School: school building for sale, charter school buildings, private school buildings

We Help Buyers:

Find the best property
Get approved for financing
Close in less than 60 days
Usage and occupancy

Call us now so our commercial real estate agents can begin the process to help you find your ideal building at the best price.

Our team of commercial real estate agents helps buyers to find the right property and get approved for commercial loans.

Our agents help buyers to find and purchase the ideal commercial property.  We help buyers to qualify for commercial loans at the lowest rates, and we help to negotiate for the best purchase price, guiding buyers through the purchase process.

Our Service: We Help Buyers Acquire the Right Commercial Property for Sale

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As your commercial real estate agent, we search and negotiate to find the best building for your business. Our mission is to help business owners buy commercial property at the best possible price. To help buyers, we consider the building type, amount of space, price range, and preferred location, so that our agents can immediately provide options to narrow down the list for the ideal commercial property.

Our commercial real estate agents in Los Angeles and San Diego have deep experience working in Southern California. We help business owners find the best locations, values, prices, and the best loans!

What We Will Do for You

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Show properties around your schedule – We prioritize our clients. We will work around your schedule to show you the properties you want to see.
Select a location – Our agents work in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding area. We help to find and suggest locations that work best for your business.
Provide real time data of the commercial property
Real time valuation and sales comparison data
Up to the minute Site analysis and selection research data
Real time acquisition information and disposition data
Proprietary leasing information, repositioning data, cap rates, rent rolls, and fair market rents
Negotiate on pricing – We have the experience and skills that get your offer accepted and move the deal forward to closing on a quick and efficient timeline

We walk buyers through the process of inspections, appraisals, contract negotiations, loan applications, and closing.”

Our Competitive Edge: We Help Our Clients In Every Facet of Buying!

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Deep experience in Real Estate Law – our team has in house attorneys and brokers working together to offer advice on legal issues such as zoning and use.
Hands on guidance for Flex conversion – our team works with architects, expediters, and contractors to estimate conversion costs and tenant improvements before getting into a project
Commercial lending – our team works closely with lenders that can get buyers pre-approved and can get loans done quickly.

Broker Fees

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Most of the work we do is absolutely FREE for buyers! We typically work at no cost to our clients seeking to purchase a commercial building. Our fees will be collected from the seller.

Additional Legal Resources

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We also have a resource for a criminal defense attorney if their help is something that you need.

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For Foreclosure Help…

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Call (323) 285-2541 for a quick commercial property search and purchase.

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