Our Leasing Agents Provide Full Commercial Property Leasing Services

Commercial Property Leasing Services

Do you want to lease your commercial property but don’t want to deal with tenants, building tours, or handle advertisement? Call us, we are premiere leasing agent

We help to lease commercial real estate building very quickly. If you have a commercial property for lease, our agents attract the best tenants and the best prices for you. Call us today and make your leasing experience quick, easy, and hassle free!

What Our Leasing Service includes:

We advertise your space to attract more tenants that match your requirements
We get the best price per square foot. We negotiate for terms that are beneficial to you.
Our leasing agents set appointments and handle all property tours

Our leasing agents are experts in leasing out commercial property. Our agents have the knowledge and experience to help you rent out your commercial property for lease in the shortest time. We use advanced marketing techniques to get attention for your commercial building for lease. We list commercial building for lease on popular commercial real estate directories such as LoopNet, CityFeet, Zillow, and we advertise all commercial property for lease on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp), Google search, Bing and Yahoo search to get the property rented out more quickly.

Service Fees

Our leasing service fees are collected at the end of the leasing process, when the lease is fully executed. We will not collect any service fees until the tenant lease and paid you.

We help building owners attract tenants to their commercial property for lease very quickly. Our agents attract the best tenants and the best rental prices for the market. Call us today and make your leasing experience quick, easy, and profitable!

Leasing Space and Property That We List for Building Owners:

office space for rent or small office space for rent
retail space for lease
commercial property for lease or commercial real estate for lease
warehouse space for rent or small warehouse for rent
buildings for lease
rental warehouse
restaurant space for lease
industrial space for rent

Call Us Today

Our premiere leasing services for building owners are proven to attract more tenants more quickly. If you are seeking to lease the perfect office space for rent or any commercial real estate for rent, we will list and lease your property for the best price on the market.

Our experienced leasing agents help building owners attract more tenants and more offers for their commercial property. We make sure that owner gets the highest rental rate in the current market.

If you have a commercial real estate for lease, or an office space for rent, call (323) 285-2541 for a quick and easy leasing experience.

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